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Nº 89  | RENTED

House For Sale
Holiday home in Praia do Rosa! The pousada has 4 suites all with air conditioning and ceiling fan, community space with kitchen, kiosk with barbecue, and a two storey house with two bed...

Nº 92  | RENTED

Room for annual rent excellent location
Property with 2 options for rent: 1 - 40 m² room, located on the main street of access to Praia do Rosa, prime location, parking, perfect for you who want to set up your busines...

Nº 3035  | RENTED

Hose for rent
Ideal house for couples available in Praia do Rosa! The house is super charming, has a double bedroom, living room and kitchen in integrated environments, bathroom and balcony. A reserv...

Nº 3037  | RENTED

Praia do Rosa bed and breakfast for rent
Practically located in the center of Praia do Rosa, this charming inn has 05 complete houses in different configurations of environments, facilitating the right choice to suit each type of guest group...

Nº 77  | RENTED

House for rent
House for rent with annual contract with a view to lagoon , near the Moon Navy. Monthly : 960.00

Nº 74  | RENTED

Commercial room in the Centrinho of Praia do Rosa
Commercial room with approximately 25 m² located in Praia do Rosa Gallery, in the center of Rosa. Room will be available from December. Amount R $ 14,500.00 (annual rent,...

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