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Bed and breakfast for rent

Bed and breakfast in excellent location, in Vale da Praia, close to restaurants and bars approximately 300 meters from the centrinho do Rosa and with easy access to the trail that gives access to the beach.

It has 06 super cozy apartments, air conditioned, with box bed + single bed, balcony for a beautiful view and on the ground floor living room with sofa bed and kitchen with minibar. (Each with occupancy for 4 people, or up to 5 with auxiliary bed)

Main house of 02 bedrooms, laundry, common breakfast area with full kitchen, outdoor area with barbecue, the ideal place for guests to socialize. In addition, the inn has a beautiful pool area and ample land with parking and lots of greenery. Tranquil environment and interaction with nature.

Price: R$ 80.0000,00
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