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Rosa Beach Real Estate is a company dedicated to provide services in real estate, and is established since 1989 in Praia do Rosa in the city of Imbituba, the state of Santa Catarina.

The real roots of Rosa Beach Real Estate began between the years 1988 to 1989 as one of the first builders in the region, making it over the years one of the most prestigious. Time when the Praia do Rosa was still legally a rural area and tourism was just beginning and there were few houses and inns. 

In 2000, with the experience gained from two decades as a builder, the company began its activities as real estate, giving better guidance to both the rent and the purchase and sale of properties in the region. 

In November 2002, Praia do Rosa Real Estate opened its new headquarters at the northern entrance, driven by strength in its market and focusing on the quality of its products and services. With the mission to be excellent quality in the business of real estate, opens its doors on Avenida Central, the commercial center of Praia do Rosa, with free parking, and private insurance for their clients. 

Quality Standard 

All procedures used in the company follow the law, ranging from the purchase and sale of property, settlement documents, real estate valuations and real estate legal advice to the prescription of actions and investments in the region.
Imobiliária Praia do Rosa Imóveis - CRECI/SC 3458 J | +55 (48) 3355 7000 / (48) 99943 8969 / (48) 99684 1559