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Bed and breakfast for sale

Pousada at Praia do Rosa in a convenient location between Centrinho do Rosa and Trevinho de Ibiraquera with the beautiful lagoon from above as a visual!

Land with large area, having 2,289 m² - Public Deed!

There are 06 complete houses, all with TV room, 01 bedroom with double bed, 01 bedroom with double bed, bunk bed and air conditioning, bathroom, full kitchen and balcony with hammock and 02 parking spaces, bringing much comfort to your guests.
The Pousada Encantos do Rosa also has 03 suites with double bed, bathroom, minibar, TV, microwave, air conditioning and balcony with hammock to contemplate the beautiful view!

The complex also has 04 barbecues in a communal ballroom, closed parking, playground and plenty of space for new construction if you want to expand business or build the house of your dreams.

Amount: R $ 1.400,000.00

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